Little Flower Catholic School

Kevin Gawrys, Principal (317) 353-2282

Principal:  Kevin Gawrys
Administrative Assistant: Lori Falk
Cafeteria Manager:  Nash Kegley
School Office:  (317) 353-2282
School Fax:  (317) 322-7702
Cafeteria:  (317) 322-7705


Beliefs, Mission, and Vision Statement
We believe Jesus is present in each and every person and, therefore, all people are precious and deserve respect, validation, and the opportunity to excel.


Mission Statement
Little Flower Catholic School, an educational ministry of Little Flower Parish, exists to provide quality Catholic education for the Eastside and beyond as it has since 1926. Little Flower is a compassionate, caring community for pre-kindergarten through eighth grade that celebrates the growth of each person. We welcome all families who share our philosophy and mission.

Our school provides a safe, nurturing environment, a challenging academic curriculum, with an emphasis on the arts, that prepares students for higher education and helps them develop into confident, responsible citizens. Following the words of St. Therese, our patroness, “Love is repaid by love alone,” we promote a dedication to the Catholic values of peace, justice, and service.


Vision Statement
Little Flower Catholic School will be THE Eastside school community where children flourish heart, mind, and soul and are encouraged to dream and achieve a better world.


Little Flower has four (4) expectations for a positive school climate. These expectations create and enrich a positive school environment which enables children to become responsible citizens.




St. Therese of the Infant Jesus/Little Flower Catholic School opened in 1926. For nearly 90 years, Little Flower Catholic School has provided a faith-based quality education for the families of our parish. Little Flower Catholic School experiences strong support by the pastor and the parish.

The teachers and staff at Little Flower Catholic School are dedicated to educating the children in a faith-filled environment. One half of our K-8 staff have or are working toward a Master’s Degree. In addition to grades one through eight, Little Flower Catholic School has a flexible pre-school schedule for ages 3 and 4 with both part- and full-time options.




Little Flower Catholic School is accredited by the State of Indiana. Little Flower offers a comprehensive curriculum from three-year-old pre-school through eighth grade.


Little Flower provides a standards-based curriculum for students of all ability levels. An emphasis is placed on literacy and numeracy with the acknowledgement that students must not only be proficient but also engaged to be successful.


Our reading curriculum is developed around the Daily Five and encourages students to be critical readers and social justice advocates. We provide our students with opportunities to read for pleasure and purpose and thus develop a love of reading.


Little Flower is committed to providing students a well-rounded education. All students participate in classes in Music, Art, and Physical Education. Grades 3-8 attend Maker’s Space and Expert Classes. Additionally, grades 7 and 8 have Spanish classes. Little Flower promotes healthy life choices, including a healthy choice lunch and morning walking club.


Most importantly, all Little Flower students have Religion class daily and plan and participate in a weekly Mass. We expect all of our students to grow spiritually and morally, as well as academically. As St. Therese said, “Without love, deeds, even the most brilliant, count as nothing.”




The teachers and staff at Little Flower Catholic School are dedicated to educating the children in a faith-filled environment. In addition to kindergarten through eighth grade classrooms, Little Flower Catholic School has a pre-school for ages 3 and 4 with full-day and flex-day scheduling.


Little Flower accepts students receiving On My Way Pre-K Vouchers, Indiana Educational Choice Vouchers, and scholarships from SGO’s. In some cases, Little Flower provides additional financial assistance.


Admissions must follow our admissions policy, including a personal interview with the principal. Little Flower welcomes all people who share in the mission and vision of our school.




A Little Flower Catholic School Graduate will develop a personal spirituality rooted in prayer, worship, relationships with the community, and service leadership.

A Little Flower graduate will have:

  • Planned, prepared, and participated in Catholic Liturgies
  • Been exposed to various prayer experiences, including songs, school-wide prayer, and Living Stations
  • Participated in a Catholic Lead Like Jesus servant leadership experience
  • Researched, planned, and contributed to service learning projects.
  • Develop a capacity for critical thinking and creative problem solving through a challenging, well-rounded curriculum.
  • Broadened his or her world view with over 25 learning trips, including theater productions, overnight camp, economics experiences, and Washington, D.C.
  • Experienced the joy of reading with daily personal reading time, extensive class novel projects, and a staff trained and committed to teaching critical literacy and a love of reading
  • Experimented during a hands-on science curriculum in our science lab
  • Acquired technology skills through our computer curriculum
  • Developed creativity and perseverance through an art and music program that includes band, choir, a Christmas program, and a Spring Musical
  • Recognize the importance of community, including responsibilities to others, to the environment, and to their own health. 
  • Set goals and celebrated the achievements of the community through periodic Celebrations
  • Demonstrated leadership through service, tutoring, reading-buddy programs, Student Council, and other opportunities
  • Demonstrated perseverance, discipline, and teamwork through PE classes, intramurals, and CYO sports
  • Recognized God’s commandment to love one another and to be good stewards of all creation


Little Flower Catholic School students have a variety of athletic choices as participants in the Athletic Association and CYO activities.


Little Flower Catholic School offers services to our families outside the academic setting. An on-site kitchen and cafeteria provide a hot lunch program. An extended care program provides after school care for students until 6:00 p.m. and a Summer Program is offered during most summer weeks when school is not in session.


Little Flower Catholic School utilizes many volunteers and is eager to draw from the retired and/or semi-retired members of the parish, as well as our school families. If you are interested in helping, feel free to contact the School Office at 353-2282.


Use of Gym

The gym is in use by the school for classroom and extended care activities until 4:30 p.m. when school is in session. At other times, the Little Flower Athletic Association schedules gym time for Little Flower teams and CYO events. The use of the gym for any other purpose must be scheduled through the parish office.



John Marron, Chair (317) 650-5063


The function of the Commission is to act as a consultative body that works in coordination with the School Principal and Pastor in strategically planning, developing, evaluating and preparing long range policies in accordance with the educational goals set by the Archdiocese and the Parish.

Some specific responsibilities of the School Commission are listed below:

A. Set school policy;
B. Develop goals consistent with Parish beliefs and values;
C. Plan school budgets and finances;
D. Develop facilities management guidelines in conjunction with other responsible parties;
E. Coordinate public relations and marketing of the school;
F. Maintain a mission statement which reflects the Parish mission.


We believe each person is a child of God and has certain needs. We believe our students are life-long learners whom we can influence at one stage of their lives. Our mission is to maximize academic performance, as well as physical and spiritual development, and provide an atmosphere for social interaction. We believe we are called by God and led by the Holy Spirit to enable and empower the students in our care. With the help of their parents, we believe that children leaving Little Flower Catholic School will be successful, productive people with a knowledge of God and a sense of self-worth.


PTO (Parent Teacher Organization)

Contact: Michelle Dunahee (317) 357-4235 or Courtney Turner (317)345-4937


The PTO promotes support for the activities of the administration, teachers and children of Little Flower School, and benefits the school by raising funds to assist in the support of activities approved by the organization. Additionally, they seek to bring into a closer relationship the home and school with the hope that parents and teachers may secure for every child the highest advantages in spiritual, mental, physical and social education.


Alumni Relations

Contact: Angie Mackell (317) 357-8352


Our task is to assist the school administration with a comprehensive alumni public relations plan designed to promote the image of Little Flower School and to obtain alumni support