Raise Funds for Little Flower

Raise Funds for Little Flower

There are many ways you can support Little Flower Parish and School by doing some everyday and ordinary things.  This document summarizes many of those ways.   Participate in all of them or some of them.  Share them with your family, friends, and neighbors.

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Our students and their families are always saving the “Box Tops for Education.” If you have questions about what these are or where to find them, this website can help.   Boxtops may be turned in to the school office. In addition to collecting the box tops, if you register on the site in support of “St. Therese Little Flower,” any online shopping you do through the “Marketplace” will benefit the school (similar to Goodshop). There are many exciting retailers participating in the Marketplace. Kohl’s, Land’s End, Lillian Vernon, Barnes & Noble, Cabela’s, Best Buy, Old Navy, Overstock.com, Pottery Barn, Gap, Hearthsong, Target and Walmart are just a few of the online stores that will donate a percentage of your purchase to our school. Please see the Box Tops for Education website for details.



Another ongoing fundraiser is the Campbell’s Labels for Education. This is similar to the Box Tops for Education. Certain products participate in this fundraiser. By turning in the UPC codes or lids (where applicable), our school can exchange the points earned for equipment for the teachers and students. For a list of the participating products, see the website here. If you happen to be purchasing the participating products at Kroger, there is another way to help. Simply visit this site and register your Kroger Plus card with Little Flower. Every time you purchase a participating product at Kroger, the points will automatically be awarded to Little Flower in addition to the label that you can save! Any physical labels that are saved can be turned in to the school office or in the collection boxes at the doors of the church.



Little Flower School can earn as much as a 10% rebate based on qualified purchases from GFS Marketplace. Rebates are based on qualifying purchases during each quarter of the year.  Simply present you GFS Fun Funds Membership card when making purchase at GFS.  Forms to request a GFS Fun Funds Membership Card are available in the school office or at GORDONS FOOD SERVICE.



Market Day is proud to serve over 6,000 organizations in selected states across the country.


Market Day is a unique fundraiser offering a wide selection of over 180 high quality foods at competitive prices, many of which are not available in your grocery store. Our products range from butcher shop meats and poultry to easy family meals, delicious appetizers and gourmet desserts. Many of our items are not only great tasting but also low in fat and calories for healthy eating.


Many groups offer Market Day not only to raise much-needed funds, but also as a service to their families, since customers love the quality and convenience of our food, and come to rely on Market Day as a grocery purchase every month.


Market days orders are solicited once each month, with pickup here at the school shortly after the ordering deadline.  Proceeds from Market Day are instrumental in funding our annual eighth grade trip to Washington D.C.  Order forms are sent home each month and orders can also be placed on line at www.marketday.com



You can register your Marsh Fresh Idea card with Little Flower. Once this is done, Marsh will donate a portion off all your purchases to the school. This can be done by sending your Fresh Idea card number to  casady@indy.rr.com or to the school and we will get your card registered.



Meijer has a program similar to the Marsh Fresh Idea program. You can sign up for a Meijer 1 card and designate Little Flower as the school you wish to sponsor. Whenever you make a purchase with cash, a PIN debit card or a Meijer Credit Card, and swipe your Meijer 1 card, a percentage of your purchase will be donated to Little Flower. You can register in the store or online at: http://www.meijer.com/rewards



Little Flower can now redeem the “My Coke Rewards” codes to earn points that can also be exchanged for school items. The codes can be donated in one of two ways. Please save the code (found in the lids of most bottles or inside the cardboard of cases) and turn it in at the school office, OR register at the website: http://www.mycokerewards.com/ and enter the codes yourself. You can then donate the points to Little Flower by following the instructions under the link “My Coke Rewards for Schools.” 



Perhaps one of the easiest ways to support Little Flower is Goodsearch. This is an internet search engine that will donate about one cent for each search conducted. Simply visit http://www.goodsearch.com/  and designate St. Therese of the Infant Jesus (Little Flower) Catholic School as the charity that you wish to support. This search is powered by Yahoo, so you know that you will get quality results. It is also fun to click on the “amount raised” link and see our totals rise! If you have questions about how this works and which searches count, visit the site and click on the “About Us/FAQ” link at the bottom of the page. This site has another way to help our school. You can use the Goodshop feature at http://www.goodsearch.com/goodshop.aspx to help generate funds. To get started, just visit this site or follow the “shop now” link on the Goodsearch site. There you can find many popular stores that will donate a percentage of your online purchase to Little Flower just for getting to their site through Goodshop! Amazon, e-Bay, Best Buy, Barnes & Nobel, Gap, LL Bean, Land’s End, Sears, Target and Walmart are just a few examples of the many stores that participate.  Please set Goodsearch as your default home page in your internet browser and always us it to conduct web searches.


The GoodDining Program allows members to earn donations for the cause of their choice at thousands of participating restaurants, bars and clubs. It’s an easy-to-use program that’s totally discreet, cost free, and allows members to earn donations when they visit participating restaurants, bars and clubs.


What to Do: If you’re not already a member of the GoodDining program, just enroll and register your credit or debit cards. Then, simply dine out at a participating location on the days when donations can be earned and use a registered card to pay. A donation of up to 6% will be made to your selected charity or school at no additional cost to you.  There are no membership cards to carry, coupons to print or numbers to remember. You’ll also have access to your online Account Center, where you can manage your credit/debit cards, view recent dining activity and see the current donations you’ve earned.


GoodApp Is a downloadable toolbar that you can add to Internet Explorer or Firefox. This will make it much easier to remember to use GoodSearch and it will always remember which charity you are supporting.



  • On the west side of our parking lot, we have three large bins for recycling paper. When this is picked up, it is weighed and we receive money based on the tonage recycled. Some paper items are not accepted in the bins (ie. telephone books, cardboard, food boxes, hardback books, textbooks). Everything else, your junk mail, magazines and newspapers can be turned in.  Little Flower profited over $2000.00 last year from recycled paper! 
  • Next to the garage for the rectory (located on the south side of our property) we collect aluminum cans for recycling.
  • Before you turn those cans in, you can remove the pop tab and take them to the school office. These get donated to the Ronald McDonald House. If you would like to know more about this program, see the Ronald McDonald site:  http://rmhc.org/how-you-can-help/other-ways-to-get-involved/pop-tab-collections/
  • We also recycle used inkjet and toner cartridges. These can be turned in at the school office.
  • Used cell phones as well as Household batteries can be recycled through our school office.



One of our most flexible, ongoing fundraising opportunities is the SCRIP program. The SCRIP process basically consists of purchasing gift cards from Little Flower and using the gift cards (for your purchases or as gifts) at the selected retailer. there are a great number of vendors who will donate a percentage of the SCRIP purchases to Little Flower. Here’s how it works. Find the store at which you would like to shop (either an online or “brick and mortar” location) from the list of participating retailers by visiting http://www.glscrip.com/ and click on the Retailer List. You may either contact the school office or the Parish Center office (357-8352) for an order form. Forms are also available at our website: www.littleflowerparish.org and order forms are sent home with students on most Mondays during the year.  Fill out the form and turn it in along with your payment by 10:00am on any Tuesday*. Your order will be available for pick-up in the Parish Center after 10am the following Friday, or you may have your order sent home with your child.  Use the SCRIP for any purchase you would normally make. There is no additional cost for ordering SCRIP. For example, $25 of Kroger SCRIP is good for $25 of products at Kroger. Speaking of Kroger, they have made it even easier to use their SCRIP. Once you have obtained a Kroger SCRIP card from Little Flower, all you have to do is “reload” the card at the Kroger customer service desk. Each time you do, that amount will count toward the total donated to Little Flower. (*Order deadlines for Holiday weeks may be different).  SHOP WITH SCRIP is a new way being implemented that allows you to order your SCRIP on-line and reload SCRIP cards from certain vendors.  SHOP WITH SCRIP purchases can be paid for either by allowing a debit from your checking account (39 cent fee applies) or sending a check for your order into the school office on Tuesdays.  More specific details and instruction are available from the school office.  See more information about Scrip HERE



We are now participating in the Tyson Project A+ label program. Simply save the correct part of the label from select Tyson products and turn them in at the school office. Each label is worth 24 cents so the reward can add up quickly! If you have a question about what to save, just visit: http://www.tyson.com/projectaplus/ . There you can also find a list of the participating products.  The part of the label that is saved can be turned in to the school office or in the collection boxes at the doors of the church.



Target has also implemented a donation opportunity. You can enroll your Target Red Card in their “Take Charge of Education” program and designate Little Flower as the school you wish to support. This can be done at https://sites.target.com/site/en/corporate/page.jsp?contentId=PRD03-005174  or by visiting the store. From that time on, a percentage of the purchases you make with your Target Red Card will be donated to Little Flower.



Little Flower has enrolled in Aunt Millie’s School Spirit Program. Aunt Millie’s believes that education is vitally important to our children and our communities. That’s why they’ve created the School Spirit Program – a program that will help us earn money when parents do something you already do anyway: Buy bread!

It’s easy! All you have to do is clip out and save the UPC codes on the bottom of the bread bags. When we collect and turn them in, Aunt Millie’s will pay us a nickel for every UPC. Those nickels add up fast, and we can use the money for any school-oriented program or supplies.

Just save the UPCs with the School Spirit symbol from eligible products and turn them in with the other labels you’re already collecting. Please do not send entire bread bags.  For more information, visit: http://www.schoolspiritprograms.com or e- mail Casady Williamson at casady@indy.rr.com.

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As you can see, there are many ways to support Little Flower. We hope that by sharing this information, you may be inspired to take those small extra steps to help our students.  Thank you for taking the time to read about all of these opportunities