Strategic Growth Plan

Strategic Growth Plan

2023-2025 Little Flower Parish


Developed for the parish by your representatives on Parish Council as part of our ongoing planning process. These goals help us focus and prioritize the use of our most valuable resources—your time, talent and treasure.


Every parishioner is a vital part of our growth and success as a parish family and we invite you to see how each and every one of us can help to achieve our goals.

How can I help?

Goal #1: Continue to create a vibrant and growing parish by increasing the percentage of active parishioners.
Þ  Consider your gifts from God and how they can be put to good use volunteering.

Þ Invite someone you know to join a ministry!

Goal #2: Invite current parishioners to a deeper relationship with Christ in the Eucharist thereby increasing the average Mass attendance to a pre-pandemic level of 600 by 2025.
Þ  Attend Mass every weekend

Þ Invite family and friends to join you at Mass

Þ  Consider attending one of more of the adult formation classes

Þ  Check out for tons of content to further your knowledge about our faith

Goal #3: Throughout 2023-2025, Little Flower will continue to identify and execute on  opportunities for community outreach and creating moments of belonging at Little Flower.
Þ  Get to know those around you at Mass or in your volunteer commitments

Þ Introduce yourself to faces you don’t know at Little Flower events

Þ Call the Parish Office to find out which ministry may already serve a need you see in the community

For more information please visit our website ( or contact Parish Council

Chairperson Elizabeth Mann at